Twitter on Samsung TV

I recently purchased a new television, a Samsung 42″ LCD, it is less than a year old. The television does not have the “Smart TV” branding that Samsung has recently been promoting, but it does have Yahoo! Connected TV and the Samsung App store. Unfortunately, my attempts to use the Twitter app from the Samsung app store have been unsuccessful.

In the screenshot below, Twitter is highlighted or is in the on-focus state, pressing the select/ok button will launch the app. Using the arrows will highlight another app in the app store.

Samsung App Store

The screenshot below shows where you link the applications to the TV. For instance Pandora, an online music site, is linked. The linking process requires the user to enter their credentials onscreen. The “Settings” section is accessed from the main screen of the app store, see the screenshot above.

Setup App Accounts

To link the account, simply put the focus in the ID field and press the correct buttons on the remote. Note that these are the standard T9 phone keys for texting. The password entry uses a different keypad.

Samsung Input ID

Since the password is hidden and only asterisk are shown in the password field and the keypad uses one letter per button to avoid input mistakes. Pressing the right arrow or left toggles the keypad to display other letters. Switching keypads makes good sense for avoiding input mistakes but changing the keypad up was a bit disconcerting at first. If you press the red “A” button then the keypad changes back to T9 and the password is displayed in the password field – which means it is less secure. This extra bit of programming is necessary because television usage is often done with other people looking at the screen (and your password).

Samsung Input Password

After correctly enter my Twitter ID and Password several times I received the following error message.

Error message on TV

I logged into and verified that my Twitter account was linked to the Samsung TV. It even says “Samsung Smart TV” on the page and provides a button to revoke access. read and write access

Here is a video of how Twitter works on Samsung’s most recent televisions.

In summary this was frustrating. It is going to be extremely difficult to build the social media experience on TV if the apps do not function properly. Or – maybe this is user error and I missed a step and if that is the case, it is a difficult application to make work anyhow. If I ever get this to work properly, I will post an update.

Below is a video of the newer televisions that are using the “Samsung Smart TV” branding.