Sharing TV

How often do you show videos to your friend or family member on the phone?
Everyone is gathered around laughing at a 4″ or 5″ screen (maybe 10″ if you are lucky enough to gather around a tablet). This is an experience which is unique to the time we live in and is one of our modern ways to share the television experience.

It seems like the convenient of modern life sometimes temporarily creates solutions that are less satisfying rather than more. An mp3 file is certainly a much lower quality of audio, however it is more convenience and allows for more flexible sharing of the media. The 4″ screen is no where near as satisfying as viewing something on a 40″ screen – but the immediacy of sharing has its own rewards.

There will be technology in the future that will address the quality of the media we share, in fact there are many clever scientists and inventors working on it now. 3D aural sound and holograms will no doubt abound just as science fiction predicts. But in the mean time, let’s have a laugh and share the screen we have!

second screen / small screen

Watching CNN on an iPhone app