socialtvxTelevision programming is woven into the fabric of American pop culture as well as in the culture of many countries around the world. The innovation of television technology extends the capabilities of mankind to communicate over long distances. These capabilities include very old forms of communications such as spreading news or gossip, and newer forms such as the TV show. It could be argued, that “TV” is just an extension of what the bard or troubadour did ages ago to provide entertainment.

Socialtvx is a blog about sharing television experiences, the purpose is to review, comment, and discuss how these experiences impact us as humans.

“Social tv” is an industry term that refers to the ability for tv viewers to actively participate in the television experience. This participation involves using online social media tools to – rate a show, or let others know what is on, recommend a show to a friend, follow a favorite show or actor, share a clip and many other activities. The television and internet business is now measuring this viewer participation and its impact (or not) on ratings. Socialtvx will review the social media, connected devices, televisions, and shows that provide “social tv” functionality.

Socialtvx is written by Chris Snider.

Chris Snider led interactive TV app product design for Yahoo!’s broadband partners on platforms like AT&T U-verse TV. His team released products like Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and Flickr interactive television applications. Previously at Cox Communications, Chris worked on e-commerce and web marketing for Internet, telephone and cable television services. In 1995, he was instrumental in launching CNN.com where he extended the channel’s brand and on-air assets to the newfangled information superhighway. Chris also has experience in the video game industry and in software development at Adobe Systems. Chris holds a Master’s Degree in Communications from Georgia State University, where he focused on human computer interaction.